Zach Whaley

I am a tinkerer and tool maker, with a love for making things easy and intuitive.

I am proficient in C++, Python, Git, and Java, and I have a good understanding of Agile Methodologies, Object Oriented Programming, and Test Driven Development.


Better P4 Output

A plugin to the Perforce command line tool to improve the readability of its output.

P4 Bash Completion

A comprehensive bash completion script for the Perforce command line tool.

eli /ɛli/

Short for Eliana and pronounced Ellie.
eli is a simply made text editor written in C.

fin /fɪn/

Short for Griffin and pronounced Finn.
fin is a simply made unix shell written in C.



This was a major update to Zsh's Perforce completion script that added tab completion for the 2016.1 release of Perforce's command line tool.


Fish shell allows third-party software vendors to put their own function files in a directory for their software. For brew installed Fish shell, this is /usr/local/share/fish/vendor_functions.d

When installing a file to zsh/site-functions directory, it is assumed this is a zsh completion file, and the zsh completion caveat is printed after installation.
But not all files in the zsh/site-functions directory are completion files. Some are files for functions that can be loaded on demand with zsh's autoload command.


If the pyenv virtualenv plugin is installed using the pyenv-installer app script or directly via a Git clone, then the pyenv-virtualenv-init executable, that the pyenv virtualenv-init command uses, will not exist in the user's PATH.


Senior Software Engineer

Working on management and core functionalities in Trend Micro's TippingPoint Threat Protection System.

Software Engineer

Worked on User Identification, Authentication, and Authorization in Cisco’s Next Generation Firewall products.

Embedded Software Engineer

Worked on the JSF F-35 Lightning II Sensor Fusion program.

iPhone Developer

Worked on an iPhone app with a small group of OU undergraduates. The app was an audio/location based social app that allowed users to record and share a 30 second audio clip tagged to a location.


B.S. in Computer Engineering, Minor in Computer Science

Specialized in Software Engineering and Development. Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Girls Who Code Facilitator

Planned and facilitated club meetings that focused on learning the basics of programming and software development in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. The club members then used these skills to collaboratively plan, design, and code a project of their choosing; The PfGWC Avatar Maker!

Website/IT Admin

Created and currently maintaining the GALT-Central Texas website (source code at GitHub), as well as setup and administering the organization's G Suite, and Slack accounts.

Greyhound Foster

My family and I have been fostering Greyhounds in our homes since 2012. We are in love with the breed and love finding great homes for them! ❤ 🐾