What The Legend Of Korra Meant To Me

24 Dec 2014

This past morning, while listening to the ending soundtrack , I started crying and finally understood why the ending of The Legend Of Korra made me so happy.

I’m a heterosexual 26 year old male, married to a wonderful woman. We are pregnant with our first child and daughter.

When I grew up, I was never confused by the emotional feelings I had for the girls around me. I never had to ask if liking girls was normal. Boys and girls were always together in my cartoons. Luckily, my parents taught me about the multifaceted nature of love and that not all love will look like mine. So I also understood that homosexuality, etc were normal.

But there is something different about your parents explaining the complexities of love and seeing it first hand in a beloved cartoon. While the same message is received, one is so much more communally reassuring than the other.

This ending made me cry, when I think of all the children that hopefully no longer have to ask themselves if they were normal. They have a community of people who share and understand their unique love.

I am so happy, because no matter where my daughter finds love, she will never have to ask if it is normal. Because of shows like this, she will only love.