08 Sep 2014

A while ago I wrote about Emacs and about how I was going to switch to it. Well I’m back to using Vim and I’ve found that I love this text editor.

I discovered tpope’s “secret” stash of plugins, along with vim-airline which introduced me to MORE cool plugins! I kind of went crazy and downloaded them all…

My Vim at work basically froze every time I would save a buffer, so that didn’t last long. I’ve started cherry picking my plugins and finding which ones I use and which I actually understand; now I’ve got a decent set of useful plugins to keep me happy.

Anyway, I’m super excited about neovim. And if you use Vim, so should you. neovim is a project to make Vim betterer and has gotten a lot of attention. It’s going to default common settings, make plugins more flexible, versatile, and faster, and make Vim prettier inside and out. I am eagerly waiting to alias vi to nvim.

I also discovered Zach Holman and his sweet dotfiles, which I had to have.

And I do.