How to (Really) Train your Dragon 2

28 Jun 2014

So, I thought How to Train your Dragon 2 was disappointing.

This is what I would have changed.

!!Warning Some Spoilers!!

Replace Hiccup’s mother with the sister of the antagonist (Blood-dude) who has, unknown by her brother, survived the dragon attack in their childhood. Blood-dude is still having his dragon killing rampage because his family was destroyed by dragons. Get rid of the giant dragons; instead Blood-dude has trained (more like enslaved) another Night Fury that he is using to kill and enslave other dragons. Just like Hiccup’s mother, Sister trained the dragons that took her (or whatever happened) and she becomes a dragon rescuer and rehabilitator in honor of her family. Unfortunatley, she also thinks her brother dead.

Now, Hiccup discovers a village on his world mapping that is also friends with dragons, and Hiccup is like “That’s cool”. This is when we meet Blood-dude; he attacks the village with his massive navy and army of enslaved dragons. Hiccup tries to help defend the village and reason with Blood-dude, but fails and is rescued by Sister. Sister takes him to her dragon rescue hideout. Hiccup tells her she needs to take her dragon horde to help him defeat Blood-dude before he attacks Berk, but she doesn’t want to, because there’s a lesson somewhere in there. Blood-dude surprise attacks Sister’s hideout capturing a bunch of recovering and injured dragons. Hiccup and Sister escape with some dragons, and Sister recognizes Blood-dude as her brother but Blood-dude doesn’t notice her.

Hiccup and Sister fly back to Berk and Sister decides to help Hiccup stop her brother. Battle eventually happens; Blood-dude and sister start fighting. Sister tries to convince brother that she is his sister and that dragons aren’t all evil. Blood-dude’s dragon ends up killing her right before Blood-dude realizes that she wasn’t lying. This makes him go even more crazy and in his rampage kills Hiccup’s dad. A severly pissed Hiccup and him have a crazy cool air battle.

Night Fury vs. Night Fury! OMG!! That would have been Awesome!!!

It should be noted that Blood-dude is being a real dick to his Night Fury, because he made it kill his sister and such. Hiccup defeats Blood-dude and has him at sword point wanting real bad to chop his head off, but Toothless is getting in his way trying to stop him. Hiccup decides to spare him, like a cool guy, but crazy Blood-dude isn’t as cool and tries to force his dragon to kill Hiccup, but Blood-dude’s dragon turns on him, fire blasts the shit out of Blood-dude.

We have a funeral for the fallen and Hiccup is named chief of the village.

The end.